Sketch E | 2018

The name says it all

Say hello to Sketch E, our 2018 robot!

Sketch E

Heart of the BEAST


Our robot for the year of 2018, Sketch E competed in the game FIRST POWER UP. Sketch E's main feature is it's large linear slide located right in the middle of the robot. With this it's able to grab *Power Cubes* off the ground and quickly lift them up over 6ft in the air so it can drop them onto the Scale.

Sketch E was only able to compete in one official tournament, the Minnesota North Star Regional in which it, unfortunatly, placed 54th with a record of 1-9-0.

We then participated in the the 2018 Minnesota Robotics Invitational, where we placed 26th out of 36 teams. (Better than Sparky placed in Qualifications back in 2016 when it was on the winning alligence!) Unfortunately, however, we were not picked for Eliminations...