Using Tinkercad

How to use Tinkercad to create a box

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This guide starts from this screen: (Hover/tap pictures to zoom)
Follow "How to get in to the team Tinkercad" from this guide first.

The names shown in this picture will be used throught this guide:
If you ever mess up there are Undo, Redo, and Delete buttons in the Edit Functions

Creating a box

  1. Now that you're signed in, Click the blue Create new design button in the upper left
  2. Tap/Click on the Red Box in the Toolbox
  3. Tap/Click anywhere in the Workplane to place the Box, this will now be called the Red Box
  4. Tap/Click on the Box with Gray Stripes (This is a Hole)
  5. Tap/Click anywhere on the Workplane to place the Box, this will now be called the Hole Box
  6. Drag the Hole Box inside the Red Box, it should look something like this:
  7. Now use the White Squares in the corners of the Hole Box to resize it to look like this:
  8. Make sure the Hole Box is selected (the gray striped "Hole" circle) and change to camera to about this angle:
  9. Use the upwards facing Black Arrow above the boxes to raise the Hole Box
  10. Scroll down in the Toolbox to find the Text tool
  11. Tap/Click on Text
  12. Tap/Click anywhere on the Workplane
  13. Type something, such as your name or initials, in the Text box (Note: Keep it short as if you use something too long, the letters may be too small to print. If you think you can do it you can use multiple text objects to write on multiple sides of the box)
    (I'm using two text objects to get two lines of text)
  14. Use the Curved Double-Sided Arrow above your text to rotate it to 90°
  15. Use the Curved Double-Sided Arrow flat on the Workplane to spin your text to 90°
  16. Move your text over to the Red Box and use to White Squares to flatten it and line it up like this:
  17. Use the Black Arrow about the text to raise it off the ground and use the White Square at the top to shrink your text so it fits on the box like this:

Exporting your box

  1. Click Export in the Import/Export area
  2. Make sure you are including Everything in the design.
  3. Click .STL