How to get registered for FIRST Robotics

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Getting registered

  1. If you have been on a FIRST robotics team before:
    1. Go to: FIRST's Log in page
    2. Enter your Email Address and Password in their boxes and click LOG IN
      (If you forgot your password click Forgot Password below LOG IN)
  2. If you haven't been on a FIRST robotics team before:
    1. Go to: FIRST's Register page
    2. Enter your email, first/last name, select your date of birth, and create a password
    3. Accept the FIRST Privacy Policy
    4. Click Register
  3. Click APPLY TO A TEAM in the upper left
  4. For SCHOOL select School
  5. For PUBLIC/PRIVATE SCHOOL (within 50 miles) select Como Park Senior High
  6. For Student ID Number (Optional) enter your s###### number (without the s)
  7. For CURRENT GRADE IN SCHOOL (As of September 1st)? select your current grade
  8. For HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION YEAR? select your graduation year
    • Freshman = 2022
    • Sophomore = 2021
    • Junior = 2020
    • Senior = 2019
  9. For ELIGIBLE FOR THE SCHOOL FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM? select the answer that applies to you
  10. Click NEXT
  11. For Step 1: Please select the program. choose FIRST Robotics Competition
  12. For Step 2: Please enter the team number. enter 2855
  13. Click APPLY
  14. Your parent/guardian will recieve an email telling them to fill out a consent form for you, have them complete the consent form