How to install Slic3r (Win/Mac/Linux)

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Installing Slic3r (you can't do this on a school iPad)

  1. Go to the and download the top file
  2. Install the downloaded program
  3. Download the BEASTBot Slic3r config
  4. Open Slic3r
  5. In Slic3r, click File, then click Load Config Bundle...
  6. In the file explorer window, go to Downloads, then choose BEASTBotSlic3r.ini

Defaults for the red 3D Printer are:

  • 0.20mm NORMAL (Cougar Default)
  • Generic PLA 1.75mm (When printing with PLA)
  • Generic ABS 1.75mm (When printing with ABS)
  • Cougar1

Defaults for the MOD-t 3D Printer are:

  • 200┬Ám-HQ-2mm-no sup
  • Generic PLA 1.75mm
  • MOD-t